Aims & Objectives

Our Aim Statement: "Caring, Sharing, Fun and Learning for Happy, Confident Children"

 We endeavour to:-

  • provide a welcoming, caring and friendly environment to both children and carers
  • provide a stimulating environment with activities appropriate to the age and stage of the children
  • plan activities to cover all areas of learning
  • encourage parents to take part in their children’s learning
  • keep parents involved and informed of what takes place at pre-school as well as how their children are progressing
  • give children opportunities to explore areas that are difficult to do at home. e.g. craft activities and water play
  • Allow for equal opportunities for all children irrespective of race, gender or special educational need
  • follow the guidelines of the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ document that outlines the learning and experiences pre-school children should have in order that they can grow and develop
  • use ‘play’ as a means by which the children can learn, have fun and make sense of their world
  • keep staff up to date with ongoing training
  • smooth the integration from pre-school to the reception year